Wine and Music | San Valentino | Kykah feat. Paolo Mauro - Numero Primo
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Kykah feat. Paolo Mauro per la serata più romantica dell'anno a Vinoteca Numero Primo.

Wine and Music | San Valentino | Kykah feat. Paolo Mauro

Kykah and Paolo Mauro join together to create one of the most romantic evenings of the year at Vinoteca Numero Primo.
A long-standing duo performing some of the greatest Italian and foreign musical hits. Their unique style, elegance and energy always translate into successful evenings.
Federica Turco, aka Kikah, has graced some of the most prestigious national and international stages in the last twenty years.
Her warm and persuasive voice can perform a wide range of styles – from soul and reggae to Italian music – always exuding passion and culture.
Kikah’s repertoire, accompanied by Paolo Mauro on the piano, winds through pieces of great rhythmic charm, resulting in a concert experience like no other – the deep discovery of genres that have characterized the world of black music.
Direct bookings here on Facebook.

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